Now What?® Coaching » » Video Viernes from Laura Berman Fortgang Wed, 10 Jun 2015 12:13:25 +0000 en-US hourly 1 Do You Believe? [Video] Thu, 12 Mar 2015 21:51:37 +0000 I promised you the third installment and here it is: Video THREE is about the third block to clarity: BELIEFS

“But I can’t make a change right now.”

We’ve heard it all.

You can’t make a change because of the money, the mortgage, the college, the debt, the _______________. We don’t doubt there’s truth to that, but we also know there’s a way to get past all those obstacles.

Our third and final video walks you through the third block to clarity- beliefs.
Watch to understand how to get to the other side of the blocks and then JOIN Laura for a chance to do the WHOLE Now What?® Program with her guidance at a fraction of the cost of one-on-one coaching.

One lucky participant will also win a private coaching engagement with Laura. Your registration is your entry ticket to answers and to the GRAND PRIZE.

Thank you for taking part in the 10th Anniversary celebration of Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction!

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Got An Identity Crisis? [Video] Sat, 07 Mar 2015 01:39:16 +0000 Are you stuck?……

It was nice to hear from so many people who saw the first video that debuted on Monday. I hope I’ve answered your questions here in video TWO which is about the second block to clarity: IDENTITY.

Do you allow who you think you’re supposed to be get in the way of what you really want?

I know I have.

I spent years dragging my feet to make a career change because I felt so many people were invested in me doing what I did before. So many other people’s hopes pinned to me pursuing and achieving my Broadway dreams. It took me longer to leave that chapter because I was attached to the IDENTITY of the artist before I realized I could be an artist in other ways.

If you or someone you know is stuck not knowing what to do next in life or career, this could be part of what’s stopping you.

Watch the second video HERE and join me for some upcoming events that will help you find your way out of the hell of second guessing and into the new future you’re longing to create.

Thank you for taking part in the 10th Anniversary celebration of Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction!

Please comment on the blog to let me know your thoughts.

You are NOT what you do or have always done……

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The “I Don’t Know Syndrome” [Video] Wed, 04 Mar 2015 12:23:42 +0000 Are you craving a radical change?……

When you feel lost and unsure about everything except your own anxiety, it is hard to articulate anything positive or hopeful for your future. It’s at that point that people tell me:

I don’t know what I want!

I empathize with that feeling and the resonance of truth it has for the person who’s suffering but I also know it’s not true. Not really. The “I don’t know” syndrome is really just a reflection of deep fear that keeps us paralyzed.

This video, the first in a three-part series, will walk you through the ‘first block to clarity’ that we encounter when we work with people on career transition issues.

Watch to learn how to turn your list of complaints and problems into a clear list of what you want! Understand why you can’t name it now, but how you will be able to in just a couple of minutes post-viewing.

Please comment on this blog or send me an email at to let me know your thoughts.

Name it! Get clear!

All best

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Video Viernes: Serious Wisdom from Funny Folks Fri, 14 Feb 2014 09:58:31 +0000 (We know it’s not really a video, but enjoy the slideshow anyway!!)

“Inspiring Comedian Quotes.”

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Video Viernes: Like Nike says, “Just do it!” Don’t wait! Fri, 20 Dec 2013 09:25:13 +0000 Brandon Stanton, has recently been honored as one of TIME’s 30 Under 30 World Changers. In this video he shares how his achievement had nothing to do with money.  It was about turning a hobby into an obsession and then into a devotion as his audience grew.  Success came out of his passion and doing something that he loved.  His message at 3:55 is the Now What?® message, and he says it so well that we’ll let his words stand on their own!  Check it out!

“30 Under 30: Meet Brandon Stanton, the Photographer Behind “Humans of New York.”

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Video Viernes: It’s Never too Early to Start Living Your Dream! Fri, 06 Dec 2013 09:27:29 +0000 For a lot of kids, the lemonade stand is the go-to business idea. Not so for 7-year-old Ryland Goldman. Check out this short video to see how this 2nd grader is following his passion AND making a difference in his community – SWEET!

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Video Viernes: Get Yourself Out Front Fri, 05 Oct 2012 17:41:54 +0000 Here’s a stretch for you: Create your own video introduction. It’s a bold way to put your aspirations out front. Below is our new video intro for the Now What?® Program.


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Entrepreneur Interview: Barbara Corcoran Fri, 27 Apr 2012 12:47:16 +0000 Today’s video features real estate mogul, Barbara Corcoran.  The interview runs about 7 minutes and  includes some great perspective from Barbara.  She advises entrepreneurs to “grow the business before you’re ready” and to figure out what your gift is.  Having her boyfriend comment, “You’d be great in real estate sales,” was Barbara’s turning point years ago.  What do people say you’d be great at doing?  It may be worth some consideration.


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Video Viernes-Committed to Paying Attention Fri, 30 Sep 2011 12:54:22 +0000

Today we bring you an interview by Jane Pauley who is now hosting Your Life Calling, a new series produced by AARP.  Here she interviews, Richard Rittmaster, a former Lutheran minister now chaplain in the U.S. Army National Guard.  Rittmaster shares several rich insights including how he listened to his burn-out and depression rather than fighting it.  “I was committed to paying attention.”   We appreciate that comment and in Now What?® we’ve seen that paying attention is the way to intuition and clarity.  While listening for guidance, Rittmaster did a stint as a bar tender during which the opportunity to become a chaplain for the army presented itself.

Reflecting on his experience, Rittmaster  concludes that  becoming “who we’re designed to be” means exercising the gifts that most engage us.  What are the gifts or talents that you’d like to exercise?

Finding Faith on the Front Lines – Your Life Calling: 

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Video Viernes-Housewife Realizes Childhood Dream Fri, 26 Aug 2011 13:20:53 +0000 Your Life Blueprint® cannot be denied! Parents, please don’t clip your children’s wings!*

Life Blueprint is the Now What?® term for your purpose, the essence of who you are.

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