Laura Berman Fortgang and Now What?® Coaching present......

Get the Attention You Deserve From Recruiters and Hiring Managers So You Can Land Your Next Opportunity for Work-Life Happiness

Even if You’re Starting to Think Your Chances are Slim or Your Ship Has Sailed...and Especially if You Believe You’re Already Doing ‘Everything’ You Can With Little Luck and Lots of Disappointment

 Take Back Control of Your Career, Learn What Successful Candidates Do Differently, and Gain the Confidence to Know You Really Can Get the Job You Want

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Introducing Tracey Gutierrez and Amy McGlinn, a dynamic duo whose assets include being  a Now What?®  Facilitator, career coach, masterful copywriter and strong branding expertise. 

They are here to help you turn your next-step career and work-life aspirations into a reality.

This online group program is designed to help you stay focused and in control of your job search. We give you the tools you need to get noticed and be recognized in the marketplace. 

You’ll get the accountability you crave and direction you need from real live people who share your goals and dreams and really want to help you succeed. Research proves that people go further and faster with a group behind them.

This Group Is For You If...

  • You were laid off or furloughed and don’t know where to start with a new job search
  • You find yourself drifting; other priorities pop up, and your life restructuring efforts get quickly deflated. You need some laser focus to get important work done!
  • You are all thumbs when it comes to writing a cover letter, negotiating a salary, etc. You need the right tools and strategies to feel confident and professional in your job search. 
  • You lack the self-confidence you once had, and aren’t sure how marketable you are these days.
  • The program is also a perfect fit for professionals who aren't ready to leave their current job, but want to be in control should their situation change.

By the end of the program, you will walk away with:

  • A clear strategy and plan for how to approach your career change moving forward
  • A professional resume that will help you stand out from the crowd
  • A complete LinkedIn profile that attracts attention from the right people
  • Customized cover letter review and advice plus cover letter rewrite and template for changes
  • A polished and professional “story” of your career path and future career goals 
  • Your own custom personal branding strategy
  • A Polished Elevator Pitch that packs a powerful punch

Accelerate your job search with

Accountability that helps you stay motivated and get way more done than you ever could on your own

Perspectives and ideas from Tracey, Amy, and other job-seekers that will help you “unlock” any mental blocks so you can truly go for it and stop holding yourself back

An expanded professional network. Networking is considered to be the single most effective way to find a job so we encourage you to network with other job seekers in a relaxed, comfortable environment

Online access to Amy’s and Tracey’s favorite job hunting resources including info on salary negotiation, advanced LinkedIn strategies, helpful podcasts, live events, and other powerful tools

A members-only Facebook group that gives you access to the members between meetings. Use this online forum to ask questions, share your insights, opinions, and feedback and get support from the other members

Lessons about all the essential tools (and many advanced tools too!) of job searching

Allow yourself the time and resources to make the career move you’ve been craving. Amy and Tracey are ready to help!

More About Amy & Tracey

We believe there is a perfect job for everyone

We believe in sharing everything we know to make searching for a job easy (er)

We believe in work-life balance

​💖 Our mission is to help people find work that makes their hearts sing. 

👩 We're wives, mothers, business owners, and realists.

🎾 We both play tennis (that's how we met, for the second time), love our dogs (a little too much), and try to eat a plant-based diet (except when steak is on the menu).

Amy McGlinn
is a blog ghostwriter for career coaches and leadership coaches. She’s written hundreds of thousands of words on topics like salary negotiation, job search techniques, staying in the “mental game” of job searching, workplace issues, and creating a career map. In Amy’s former career, she worked for major advertising agencies where she marketed brands like Mr. Clean, Advil Cold & Sinus, and the US Army. She uses her marketing experience and knowledge of the job search process to help professionals create strong personal brands so they stand out among applicants.

Tracey Gutierrez
helps working parents thrive at work and at home. Through her individual and corporate coaching, she gives parents the tools and support they need to balance a happy home life and fulfilling career. A former advertising executive, Tracey is an experienced Now What?® facilitator and career coach. A Nationally Certified Online Profile Expert and member of The National Résumé Writers' Association, Tracey helps professionals best position themselves for their next career move through powerfully written, strategic resumes, cover letters and LinkedIn profiles.

Career Skill Curriculum

You’ll receive a 15-20 minute video Career Skill Lesson, taught by Tracey Gutierrez or Amy McGlinn, each week before the meeting. Each meeting will occur at 7:30 pm ET and be recorded if you aren't able to attend.

Lesson topics include:

June 29th
Lesson 1: Goal-setting

We’ll start by helping you set S.M.A.R.T. goals for your time in this group. The goals you set for this group will be your North Star during our time together.

By the end of this lesson you will have defined clear objectives for your job search so you can stay motivated and on-task.

July 6th
Lesson 2: Personal Branding

Learn how to build a strong, professional personal brand online and in real life. Nail your elevator pitch and create a brilliant answer to the question, “So tell me about yourself.”

By the end of this lesson you will be able to articulate what makes you unique, and how to communicate your value to a potential employer.

July 13th
Lesson 3: Resume

Create a professional, effective, visually appealing resume that you’ll be proud to show off. Understand which layout will work best for your career ambitions, how to use keywords effectively, and learn the tips and tricks that make your resume stand out and get picked.

By the end of this lesson you will create a resume that will get you noticed by the right companies.

July 20th
Lesson 4: Networking

Over 70% of job seekers find their next job through networking. Learn how to find the connections that make a difference in your job hunt. Map out an effective networking plan. Get the strategies and techniques that will help you feel more confident and in control when you are networking.

By the end of this lesson you will know how to network without feeling salsey or needy. You’ll understand how to use your network to get the right connections that land you your dream job.

July 27th
Lesson 5: Cover Letter

Shave hours off your cover letter writing time with our easy-to-follow success formula. Feel confident when you click “submit my cover letter.” Make it easy for recruiters to say, “Yes!” 

By the end of this lesson you will have the templates and know-how to write cover letters that get placed in the “yes” pile.

August 3rd
Lesson 6: LinkedIn

Learn the 7 critical components of LinkedIn and how you can use them to get noticed by the right companies. Polish your profile and position yourself to get picked for the interview. 

By the end of the lesson you will know how to create a LinkedIn profile that stands out and gets noticed.

August 10th
Lesson 7: Interview Skills

Prepare, perform, and follow up the right way. We’ll cover everything you need to know before you get to the interview so you radiate confidence. You’ll understand the 4 basic types of interview questions and the best techniques for giving a winning answer.

By the end of the lesson, you will know how to sell your skills and negotiate like a pro in an interview - while looking and feeling calm, cool, and collected.

August 17th
Lesson 8: Marketing Plan

To successfully embark on a job search, it’s important to be focused, targeted and organized. We’ll show you how to develop your personal marketing strategy which will serve as your game plan for your job search. With this plan, you’ll be sure to keep up your search momentum after the group ends.

By the end of the lesson you will have a clear path ahead so you keep up your excellent job search work.


"Amy and Tracey have been incredibly supportive and knowledgeable during our meetings.  I've enjoyed tapping into their valuable marketing, writing and coaching experience!  They create a positive perspective on the entire process of career exploration and personal branding.  I couldn't be happier under their tutelage and look forward to updating them as I move forward!"

"I was applying to jobs and getting nowhere. I wasn't prepared to take on the job search with the right tools, as Tracey and Amy showed me.

But what is so important about the program is it's not only about the job search skills, it's about the mindset. It's about the mindset and your emotional wellbeing. Being unemployed can suck. It's ok to say that. Amy and Tracey and the group are there to support you and keep you feeling positive. The program took the struggle out of finding a job."

"I took away so many pointers, helpful hints, example profiles, and insights on how the Linked In algorithms work.  I was able to change profile visibility setting changes, start About Me section updates, and hear where I can make changes to better represent my experience and brand. Thank you for all your guidance."

"Amy and Tracey’s group has kept me accountable in my efforts to clarify the exact steps I need to take to be able to return to the workforce after a decade away. They provide personalized insight into each member's situation as well as a multitude of resources including instructional video lessons on specific topics, recommended reading, networking groups, etc."

Payment Options:

$497 per month for two months = $994

Pay in full discount, save $100! = $894

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Laura Berman Fortgang, MCC

Laura is known as a pioneer in the personal coaching field. She is also a best-selling author, speaker, TV personality (The Oprah Winfrey Show and All National Morning Shows), corporate trainer and spokesperson.

She is the author of
"Now What? 90 Days to a New Life Direction."

Laura’s five books are now published in 13 languages. Her coaching clients have ranged from homemakers to celebrities and Fortune 100 companies to NASA and the Army Corps of Engineers. She is the creator of the Now What?® Career Coaching Methodology which she trains and licenses coaches to use with clients.